Pukka Organic Night Time 20 Herbal Tea Bags 20g
Peace in a teacup Now is not the time for words. Let the hush replace the chatter as you fall into a restful calm: a sleepy crush of oat flower, soothing lavender, and silky-sweet limeflower. One cup and the path to sleep is clear - so give in... let the rest begin. Sweet dreams. Sebastian Pole Master Herbsmith Good news for a night in. As days darker and shadows lengthen, let organic herbs awaken your inner glow. The zing of ginseng, the greenest green tea, the radiance of golden turmeric. These are herbs to help you get up and glow.
Oat Flowering Tops (30%), Licorice Root, Chamomile Flower, Lavender Flower (14%), Limeflower (10%), Valerian Root, Green Rama Tulsi Leaf