Craft beer glasses

Not sure which glass to use?  There is a wide range of different glasses for you to pour your beer of choice into.  See our guide below to make sure you're getting the most out of your craft beer.

GobletSuitable for: Belgian Ales, Dubbel or Triple Ale

Why?  This wide-mouthed glass is designed to help a beer maintain head and allows the drinker to take deep sips.

PilsnerSuitable for: An American lager, Pilsner or Blonde Ale

Why?  This tall glass is designed to showcase colour and clarity and also helps the beer to retain its head.  It's the right choice for paler lagers with a lot of carbonation.  A true Pilsner glass, has no curvature sips.

SnifterSuitable for: Double/Imperial Stout or IPA, Pale Ale, Saison or India Pale Ale

Why?  More commonly associated with Brandy, snifter glasses keep all the aroma in.  You can also swirl these sophisticated glasses around to release aromas.

TulipSuitable for: A saison, Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Strong Ale or Double/Imperial Stout

Why?  With this curvy shape, you get to have a big foamy head. If the head is key for a particular beer, this is the choice of glass to go with.

WeizenSuitable for: Wheat beer or ale

Why?  Long and widening at the top, is designed for head and volume and to maintain the beer's aroma.  Shows off the colour and head of wheat beers.

PintSuitable for: Double/Imperial IPA, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale or Porter

Why?  Typically used for porters and Irish Stouts a pint glass can be used for everything.