Wines We Love

At Centra we want to make life easy for you as you have told us choosing wine can be difficult with so much choice. That’s why we created Wines We Love, a selection of delicious wines chosen especially for you by our experts.

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Albali Temp 520x400

Vina Albali Tempranillo 75cl

Tempranillo makes soft red wines with a red berry and cherry flavour and a gentle touch of vanilla giving a smooth finish.  Perfect with grilled meats, pasta and burgers

Albali Verdejo 520x400

Vina Albali Verdejo D O Valdepenas 75cl

Tropic fruits come to life with peaches and pears on this little delight. Chill for easy drinking!  Works well with creamy pasta and pan fired fish

San Telmo SauvBlanc 520x400

San Telmo Sauvignon Blanc 75cl

Lovely aromas of passion fruit and a touch of lime give this wine a lush mouth-watering feel.  An ideal match for seafood and Asian dishes.

San Telmo Malbec 520x400

San Telmo Malbec 75cl

A super smooth Malbec, full of rich plum texture.  Enjoy this with a steak.

LaCasada Monte 520x400

La Casada Montepulciano 75cl

This red wine is full of red berry fruits, exotic spice and a satisfying hint of fruit cake.  A good match for pasta and red meats. 

LaCasada Pinot 520x400

La Casada Pinot Grigio 75cl

A classic Pinot Grigio with delicate floral aroma's and a hint of citrus. Great with salads, chicken, fish and light dishes.

Guia real 520x400

Guia Real Garnacha 75cl

Incredibly fresh and with a silky texture, this is an easy-drinking red that is full of red fruit and vanilla flavours.  Great with everyday favourites like pizza, pasta and burgers.

San Vitalia 520x400

San Vitalia Processo 75cl

A wine with just the right amount of fizz to match a brilliant crisp apple finish. Perfect for an evening entertaining friends. Enjoy this with canapes.

Gran Ventino 520x400

Gran Ventino Rosso 75cl

This rich and satisfying Italian wine has a warm ripe red berry fruit nose with hints of spice.  A wonderful partner to steak and casserole dishes.

Invivo SauvignonBlanc 520x400

Invivo Awatere Vally Sauvignon Blanc 75cl

This is a real crowd pleaser from Marlborough; full of zesty passionfruit character.  Serve chilled with good friends and fresh seafood.