BRÚ Brewery Pale Ale 500ml
The quintessential craft beer. At BRÚ Brewery we love our ales, but it's fair to say this classic craft style has eluded us for a while. Experimenting on our small batch pilot plant, there's been plenty of lively debate over the years. How hoppy should it be? Bitter or sweet? Citrus or piney? After more than enough tinkering we finally agreed on our latest creation. Full of juicy hops it's smooth and refreshing with enough attitude to let you know it's a BRÚ Brewery Ale, whatever it takes... BRÚ Pale Ale, 4.5% ABV, made with Irish barley and Calypso, Bravo and Denali hops. Easy drinking, as it should be. We are BRÚ.