Dingle Original Artisan Pot Still Gin

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Rowan Berry, Juniper, Fuchsia, Bog Myrtle, Heather, Chervil, Hawthorn, Angelica and Coriander Located on the fringe of Europe, Dingle enjoys a pristine environment like no other. Buffeted by winds from the Atlantic Ocean, the air is fresh, just like our Gin. We create our London style gin using our own hand beaten copper still; Aisling, meaning 'dream' in Irish. Spirit vapour passes through our flavour basket to capture the unique character of six traditional botanicals and seven traditional and locally grown & harvested botanicals: rowan berry, fuchsia, bog myrtle, heather, chervil, hawthorn and angelica. The resulting distillate is cut with pure water drawn from our well 240 feet below our distillery. Each bottle is then hand filled and numbered by batch. In 2019 we were awarded World's Best Gin at the World Gin Awards.